Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael

Saturday, 21st October 2017

Doors Open: 7.30pm   Show Starts at: 8.00pm

Prices: In Advance £12.00   On the door £14.00  


Good af-ter-noon to you.

On the 15th October 1987, the absent-father of all storms was about to vent apocalyptic fury upon the south-east corner of the Kingdom of United. In a televised address to the nation, celebrity weatherman and rising national treasure, Michael Phish, relays a different forecast.

Why did this critically acclaimed winning Titan of meteorology foresee its arrival, but choose to tell a different story? Welcome to this world exclusive. The truth behind the Great Storm of 1987. Uncover the why’s and wherefores of this cataclysmic event. Encounter corporate skulduggery in the 1980s’ corridors of power. Shake the hand of the man that shook the meteorological establishment. Is the BBC fit for purpose? Are there world's elsewhere? You decide!

Littered with quick fire jokes and mangled metaphors from the era - everything from Gorbachev, The Stone Roses and the Royal Wedding to One Man and his Dog, David Icke, Ian McCaskill and Wincey Willis - Russell Layton’s hit show about Britain’s most feted forecaster brings a haze of nostalgia and gusts of hilarity from a time when The Bee Gees and George Michael topped the charts, mobile phones had a seven-minute battery life and weather presenters ruled the airwaves.