Without Malice Or Ill Will

Without Malice Or Ill Will

Friday, 14th June 2019

Doors Open: 7.00pm   Show Starts at: 7.30pm

Prices: In Advance £10.00  


Geoff Marsh began his working life as a coal miner. Ten years later he became a police officer.                 

Ten years after that he faced his old mates across the picket lines during the year-long strike. A year which became the most bitter and divisive in British industrial history.

Here, Geoff tells the personal story of his family, his career and the choices he made during the year that changed everything.

The story of a man gripped by dilemma of the choice between family, friends, community and the duty to his oath and uniform.

Written and performed by Ray Castleton (On Behalf Of The People)
Directed by Jessica Arden